Volunteer in the Armenian Red Cross Society

“Volunteering – it is a new experience and a variety of activities for me. And it really helps me in personal growth. ”

Eduard Hovhannisyan (Volunteer, Armenian Red Cross Society – ARCS )

Of course, during the pandemic, there were a lot of difficulties and volunteering was really challenging. On the one hand, I worried about getting infected, but on the other hand, the results of my everyday effort was so rewarding! When you feel that you can be of help for a lot of people in need, it inspires you and then you can find some extra energy and motivation to keep working 24/7.

Armenian Red Cross volunteers – we are strong and a very united team and work as one organism. It is the foundation of our success.
It is definitely worth mentioning the strong psychological support we steadily receive from our passionate psycho consultants. Without them we would have hardly achieved our goals during the pandemic, where we had to work under terrible emotional pressure.

Finally, I would like to indicate that volunteerism is what helped me to understand myself far better than before – to see all my strengths and weaknesses. I started appreciating every minute of my life; all the possibilities I am given and I truly realized the actual value of humanity.