Hope and Relief – The most important things we had for the beneficiaries

I started volunteering in 2015 at the Georgia Red Cross Society. It was then that I realized that along with the humanitarian mission, this work is an excellent opportunity for self-realization, socially active life, self-development and making positive changes. During the pandemic, this became even more visible, when we demonstrated our strength to the maximum.

Romeo Malazonia
Georgia Red Cross Society
Zugdidi branch

As soon as the first case of Covid-19 was recorded in Georgia, the Red Cross Society contacted us and started the process of trainings for volunteers. Obviously, from that day, I got involved in trainings.

Yes, there was fear at the beginning, but on the other hand, I also remember as a pleasant moment that the morning dawned and the ringing on my phone did not stop – municipalities one after the other asked us to come and conduct trainings to prepare spontaneously created groups of volunteers.

As of today, with our own efforts, we have trained more than 500 spontaneous volunteers and engaged them in field work during the peak periods of the pandemic.

The gratitude and kind words we received from the beneficiaries were a huge encouragement for us. They were so happy to see us wearing a Red Cross vest! – We were really a relief and hope for them.

Not only the humanitarian aid, we also provided them with firewood (especially for elderly); If necessary, we took them to the clinic; We visited them  for just to talk to them, to encourage, to give them the updated information and all the current recommendations.

In fact, during the mass lock-downs, I spent this stressful period in the field, engaged in active work; I left no time for depression – my mind was only on reaching as many people as possible; We should have helped more families in need.

Before I became a volunteer, I was a quite introverted young fellow who was afraid to even ask a question in a meeting. Today, I am an absolutely active member of our society; completely confident in my goals, interests and decisions.