The appeal “Stay Home” applied to everyone, but not to us

“The main incentive for me is to help people get the information they need. Red Cross volunteering is an opportunity to alleviate the worries and hardships of the beneficiaries. And it fills me with all the energy”.

Shalva Omarashvili
Georgia Red Cross Society

As soon as the pandemic started, I got involved in Red Cross information campaigns. I was distributing flyers about Covid-19 among the population. In order to be prepared for the field work, I received brief instructions from Red Cross experts, I felt constant support from the staff, which was very important especially during the first days of volunteering.

Then I joined the charity campaign, initiated by the Red Cross Society – “We Help and You Help Too”. We were spreading offers among the people in the shopping centers and super-markets to take a chance and get involved in charity. They could buy a non-perishable product for the helpless, lonely and socially vulnerable people and leave the packages in the specially allocated places. Then we collected the parcels to distribute them to the beneficiaries at home.

Obviously, I was at risk. Volunteers stood on the front line 24/7 while isolation was recommended. But I was remembering the smiles on the beneficiaries’ faces which were appeared because of my volunteerism and it was absolutely enough to be refilled with new energy, spirit and enthusiasm. It helped me to avoid the feeling of fatigue and stress. 

It is noteworthy that I was not infected with the COVID-19 even though I worked fulltime in the pandemic, even during Lockdown.

I think the reason for this was my psychological sustainability and positive mood. Besides I strictly followed all the recommended safety rules. – I think all the factors worked together.

In addition, I used the Red Cross psychologist consultation twice a week. It was added with trainings in MHPSS and special instructions. 

Main advice

I would advise beginner volunteers to ask questions and do not hesitate to ask for help if they need it. We are here ready to lend a helping hand and to share experience.