We Did It! – We stayed on the field with full staff and full capacity!

The initial difficult period of the pandemic, which we all went through together, taught me a lot. First of all, it showed me the advantage of teamwork; It gave me a good lesson in timely response and effective coordination in a crisis moment.

Bakur Babunashvili
Staff Member
Georgia Red Cross Society
Kutaisi Branch

In the first stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was really stressful that no one knew when the virus would reach us – volunteers were the first risk group, under a constant threat of infection.

However, it is a fact that we avoided this uncommon infection even during the strongest waves of the pandemic, and this happened at the expense of full compliance with all the recommendations we received from the WHO.

I am happy and proud that when our beneficiaries needed our support the most, Red Cross volunteers were able to operate at full capacity and with full staff 24/7.