Volunteering is a Lifestyle

“Volunteering is a lifestyle; it has become a part of my life. I am happy to be a volunteer, especially in the Armenian Red Cross Society, where I really feel like a member of a big family”.

Gevorg Khachatryan (Volunteer, Armenian Red Cross Society – ARCS)

Since 2 years I am working as a volunteer at the Armenian Red Cross Society.

I must say that the beginning was not so easy in these circumstances. During the awareness campaign about COVID-19, I faced some big challenges.

At the beginning of the virus outbreak, the recommendations that the Red Cross was actively distributing were categorically unacceptable for a large part of our society. There were even cases when we offered a mask and gloves to pedestrians on the street and they refused to take them, as they thought we are trying to infect them this way and spread the virus even further.

The next thing was my family. By that time I was just 16 years old and my parents thought I was in real danger and I should quit volunteering. Now they are so proud I went against their will back then.

I think the biggest support that I got was from my organization – the Red Cross staff, their professional instructions, and psychological assistance. My colleagues try their best to make the world a better place. Looking at their activism, I had no way back.

Staying optimistic is the main thing I recommend to everybody who want to become a volunteer.
Empathy is another thing you need as a volunteer.
And last, but not least: I believe that only humanity will save the world!