Volunteering – Right Decision

“The kindness of our volunteers during the pandemic definitely remains one of the best memories of my life.”

Nini Kavtaradze
Volunteer Management Officer
Georgia Red Cross Society

I joined the Red Cross Society as an employee during the pandemic. Before I have been actively volunteering.

In the very first stage of the pandemic, there was strong motivation and spirit among our volunteers. I cannot tell you exactly what the reason was – probably a great desire to help people in need.

In spite of the call to stay home, we all got up and volunteered on the frontline for 24 hours a day. Our task was not only to raise awareness, but to provide efficient assistance to people who needed it most.

We were the people who visited hundreds of families every day and distributed food and hygiene parcels. We provided psycho-emotional support for them and gave them tips to better get through this challenging time.

All volunteers were trained – we received the necessary information and psychological training before we went out on the field. Otherwise we could not have coped with the stress we experienced in our work.

Every day we met and helped lonely, elderly, socially vulnerable beneficiaries and people with chronic diseases. It was not easy, but the tears of joy, gratitude, and hope in their eyes helped us to gather strength. It was a really difficult, emotional, and unforgettable period for me. The kindness of our volunteers  during the pandemic definitely remains one of the best memories of my life.

I strongly believe that volunteering is always the best decision. It helps us to become better than before; it gives us a chance to improve the life around us.