Basic Psycho-social Skills – Guide for COVID-19 responders

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  • Are you performing a critical function during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Is your work essential to the survival of people affected by COVID-19?
  • Or to keep the systems and services functioning for the benefit of everyone?

If yes, then this information is for you!


Why is this information important ?

Most people will feel stressed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Supporting the
emotional well-being of others during this challenging pandemic is important.
You can make a difference to the well-being of people, through how you
interact and communicate during the COVID-19 response, even if the
interaction is only brief.
The information in this manual can be used to support anyone during the
COVID-19 pandemic: People who have COVID-19, have lost someone to COVID-19,
are caring for someone with COVID-19, have recovered from COVID-19 or are
impacted by restrictions.


What will you learn?

Basic psycho-social skills are at the core of helping others to feel better. In this manual,
you will learn how to use these skills to look after yourself and how to help others feel
supported through your interactions.


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